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Internet Explorer - Images


Hello everybody,

Need some help on my website:

The banner-hero background image isn´t showing on Internet Explorer.

Any guesses?

Cheers guys,


what version of IE are you testing in?


Hi there, thanks!

I´m using IE 11.0.9600.17207 on Windows 7 Home Premium.

If I go to images are OK, but on no banner images...



No Background image for IE -
- Firefox, Chrome, Safari - OK

All browsers working with:


Was this ever fixed ?

I just came across the same issue. Works in Mac:Chrome, Mac:FireFox, Win. Chrome, Win:FireFox.

Placing the image on the section or in an image....
- Does not work IE 11.


ahhhh.... it's seems to be the png file.

if i use a jpg version (of the same image)...all the sudden. It works.

Interesting. need to look more into this.