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Intro text animation


Hey guys,

I’ve read a few posts on here but haven’t found a definite answer.

Is it possible to add a intro / splash screen that displays some text, then automatically animates (probably just a fade or a wipe) into the homepage?

An example here from Jesper Vos’s lovely site.


This is definitely possible in Webflow.

I recommend you read this:


Thanks for the link. I thought the closest video was this ( but still can’t find an answer


What part is the one you’re struggling with?


I guess all of it really :slight_smile:

Starting with different content to then fade away into a homepage.

Do you have any links that could help me please?


hey @ryan585

Sorry for the delay. I think you should take a look at this one:

You can see there that it has the same principle that you’re trying to achieve here, the only thing you will need to change is the exit of a page, but apart from that I think it has what you need.