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iOS Update Adds a New Feature


I installed an iOS update (version 8.2) last night...
- to several of my iPads and my iPhone.

I have a regular "text block" that contains an address and a telephone number.

example: (text block) contents - "123 Atlanta Street, Atlanta, GA, 30134 - (555) 555-1212"

The telephone portion (555) 555-1212 is now "clickable"... and when selected
- the iOS device prompts you to dial the number.

I'm guessing this was not a Webflow update
- as this feature did not appear on Windows or Droid tablets / phones...

Phonenumber text turns blue in iOS & Safari

iOs often considers anything it can recognize being a telephone number as a link. You can make this text a link, style it for link statuses, and add the numbet to the link panel:

So that people on computers can click it too and resolve it with skype or any IP phone app.

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