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Is anyone using Stripe in Webflow successfully?


Is anyone using Stripe Checkout successfully in Webflow? I mean without Foxy or something like that? I see references to an integration but no documentation and seemingly a lot of frustration and unanswered questions in the community.

Subscriptions in e-commerce

Webflow uses stripe for the Ecommerce sites.

Ou I see, Stripe Checkout is different.

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We’ve been testing Stripe’s new beta checkout — it works well if it suits your needs. Currently trying to figure out if it can handle variable amounts (i.e. donations):


This is great! Simple setup for recurring payments too. I have asked stripe about variable user input donations as I am interested in this.


@dchou @HammerOz

That is exactly what I am trying to do. I am not a developer so the docs don’t help me that much.
I did find this article on Stripe

Would one of you be willing to share your code?


It’s pretty self-explanatory with this link: It currently doesn’t support variable amounts (bummer!), and support isn’t allowed to comment on it cause it’s a beta feature.

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Sorry for my ignorance but, does this not help.


The Stripe Checkout (Quickstart) I’ve been referencing is a beta Stripe-hosted feature. I think the variables you sent around only works with the previous stable Checkout feature, which requires server side code.

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Hey guys,

Stripe came back with this

When starting off with the new Checkout, there are the client-only and API versions. The client-only version ( requires the input of pre-defined products and prices, so it can not be used for donations or user-input amounts. If you wanted to create “products” that are donations for $10 $20 $50 etc so that they can be clicked by your donors, that would be the easiest workaround.

The API version ( allows you to do anything you want, including coding a user-input amounts for donations.

With any version you go with, don’t forget to set up your fulfillment webhooks as well. More info here: