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Is built-in analytics accurate?


That’s my whole question really :joy: . Is built-in analytics accurate or does it track bots etc as well? I’ve been working on a new site with webflow. Since it’s mostly bits and pieces that are completed, I hadn’t really bothered installing analytics yet.
I didn’t think the site would get traffic so I focused on other projects. Coming back to it today, I saw the site’s had 100 or so visitors in the last 30 days, could that be right?
Not sure if this is the right forum category?
Thanks for any ideas :slight_smile:


Where are you finding built-in analytics?

Edit: Well, would you look at that, there is built-in analytics!

Doesn’t appear to be even remotely accurate, to me.


It’s under ‘general’ in the dashboard. Just a basic visitor counter


whoops! That is a big difference! Doesn’t seem to be accurate then. Anyone have other results? I didn’t do anything to the site so my own visits shouldn’t skew things.


Here are stats from another site with much less traffic. I’m having a difficult time even understanding how Webflow’s version can be this far off.


Thanks! Not sure what the point of it is then :thinking: