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Is it possible to create multiple forms that send to different email addresses?



I am wondering if its possible to create multiple forms that send to different email addresses. I have a client who would like a general form that gets sent to his info@ email and others that he wants directly to his email.

Is this possible?

CMS / FORM Multi email GET


Not within Webflow right now. You can use a service like that will easily send specific form entries to different email addresses. I never used Zapier before using Webflow and it only took me a few minutes to set it up, so very easy to do!



Hi Chuzzweb,

Thank you for your fast response! I will take a look into that.



I would like to add, look at embedding a Jotform. I tested most form software and found a few key element features that I didn’t think of until I was in deep.

  1. Access to the css
  2. Lowest plan price, and number of total forms you can create
  3. Multiple columns, with shrink ability

I found #3 to be a VERY big deal! Example: Let’s say you have a fairly detailed, long form. How can you limit the amount of scrolling, or the ability to keep users from getting irritated. You’ll need 3, 4, or 5 columns. From my research and testing - Jotform is the only one with this capability. You can direct submissions to any location.

Here’s an example:

You can’t create a form like this from typeform, 123, formstack, gravity, etc. At least, I couldn’t find it, maybe you come across something I couldn’t.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much, Gary! I will check that out.



If you have cPanel… you can setup a forward.

ie: one address receives a message…
it then forward n copies to predefined accounts.


No problem! Holler at me if you need anything else. I had to shop form software for two clients and it was exhausting, no fun. Have a great week!


Thank you Gary! You too. I do have one other question though! I was wondering if you knew if it was possible to take the webflow site to Dreamweaver and maybe change the code?


Yeah sure. There’s tutorials on how to “Export A Site”. You will get HTML, CSS & JS, not collections, cms stuff. And you won’t be able to import it back in. I think that’s it, someone may have additional checkpoints, but I’m pretty sure.


That’s awesome man! Thank you very much. Have a great night!



Cool! Take care… see ya.

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