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Is it possible to customize the Vimeo play button within Webflow?


On this page we are using a Vimeo video within the Webflow video module. We want to customize the play button; has anybody had any success in changing the play button’s appearance (we want a circle background, not the default Vimeo rectangle shape) using this setup? And if so could you please advise as to how you went about it.



By webflow? No. By custom CSS -&- JS - Maybe, but this is not so easy.

Options for Vimeo Plus, PRO, and Business members:


By viemo API (Not webflow module) (You should know JS/CSS to move this idea/code to webflow). In my opinion :slight_smile: dont do this (For circle button)


Hi there. I’ve been looking at some jquery options and tried a few things, nothing has really worked for me so I’m going to leave it as is. But thanks for your time and attention on this! I appreciate it.