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Is it possible to disable print screen on Webflow websites?


I have a client who is requesting that the print screen function is disabled on their website. I was doubtful it was a thing at first, but he showed me examples of where this is happening, and I am looking to recreate it.

I’ve tried a few opensource javascripts which don’t seem to be working. Perhaps I am integrating them wrong…

I’ve also inserted javascript onto the page to prevent copy+paste function and that is working fine.

Any help/insight is greatly appreciated!

You can’t actually disable any screen capture of a webpage from a browser. Pretty sure that’s only possible with specific software on the machine that a visitor would be using.

Hey Noah, my research showed the same results… however, my client has been able to show me a website where this feature is indeed implemented.

To be clear, ‘screen capture’ (i.e. using a snipping tool) is not disabled, but when a ‘print screen’ is tried, the content grabbed is not what is on the page. I’m wondering if there’s a way to change what’s copied to the print screen clipboard to something blank or generic.