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Is it possible to have cascading animation?



I would like to have some elements on my page appearing one after the other once their container is in the viewport:

Animation on item 1 finish -> Same animation on item 2 start
Animation on item 2 finish -> Same animation on item 3 start

You get the point

Is there an easy way to do that rather than manually timed each item?

thx in advance for your answer


I don’t think this is possible. There is no condition of “when some animation finished” unfortunately


Any known hack possible?


Custom animations only I am afraid. Or javascript to target ix2 but that’s not that easy.


Thx for your answer!

Do you have some resource about hacking in ix2 with javascript? :slight_smile:


I do not unfortunately, you may try using search to see if anything useful comes up.


That will do.

Thx a lot :slight_smile:


A potential way to do this natively would be just add a delay to every subsequent animation. You’d basically just figure out how long animation 1 runs for and then delay animation 2 by that amount. If I understood your question :slight_smile:


That’s what @QuentinPlomteux tried to avoid from the beginning :smiley:


Hi Austin,

That’s one way to do it but the items I want to play with will change every month. I don’t want to redo the animation everytime my client update it’s site. (manually or with a collection for instance)

thx anyway :slight_smile:


Ohhhh @QuentinPlomteux & @dram I definitely missed that :sweat_smile: sleep eyes… I just woke up :joy: