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Is it possible to override content for csv feature?


Is it possible to override content for the csv feature?

I have spreadsheets that I update regularly, and it would be easier to just do a fresh upload instead of trying to keep up with changes in both this possible?



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Hi @nathanphilsteele, the CSV import does not yet update existing item records, at the moment it is adding new items to the collection only.

Here looks to be a similar, related item on the wishlist, to not overwrite existing item info when new records added via CSV import:

I hope this helps.


Thank you @cyberdave for the reply. Sort of the same I guess. Thought I'd be curious why he wants a key for already existing content that is the same when a complete override would be easier.

  • If there was a way to do 2-way communication with googlesheets or even one coming from google sheets where any changes in googlesheets automatically updates the CMS, be it either adding new data and update existing data...this would also work for me.