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Is it possible to type a non breaking space?



I'm looking for a way to enter a non breaking space ( ) when editing text in webflow.
I tried alt+space on a mac.

Ok it is possible to EMBED Code and then just type the & nbsp; by hand.



Haha, isn't it such a surprise that a co-founder of Discourse (this forum platform) is Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Stackoverflow...

Anyway, I do love this forum platform - I will definitely use it for future projects.


Seriously? I thought their software is not yet available. I didn't notice any Discourse branding. But yeah that explains it wink

I really like reading stackoverflow but for new users it can be quite demotivating, hope Discourse won't be like that.


Hi Adri,

The proper way to make follow up messages to the original post is to edit your original post and put something like:

Ok it is possible to EMBED Code and then just type the & nbsp; by hand.


Hi Bryyant,

Ok I edited my original post and deleted my reply.



Sound way to intense ... How can I do this for one word in the middle of a huge paragraphe ? I know I can edit this thing in a external editor but I just don't want to do it.  

btw, I consider myself a power WF user smile
Cheers !


@devmtl, I'm experimenting right now with adding  s directly in our text editor. Stay tuned!

Any suggestions for keyboard shortcuts? Option/Alt+Space?


Thanks !! any shortcut you 'd like. I'm in !


Should be good to go! If you just keep pressing space, Webflow will have spaces intermixed with   elements, like so: "            ". But if you hold Shift-Space, the space will be forced to convert to a   element, so you can have a bunch back to back. Try it out and let us know how it's working for you.


Hi Vlad, no luck here ... See the videocast :

Cheers !


Hey @devmtl, I actually didn't see it break in the video once you held down shift. If you just clear the space, then press Shift+Space and export your code, could you post the exact HTML that you see? Do you see something like H2H&nbps;2J2 in the HTML or does it look like H2H 2J2?


You're in the code it seems OK ! Next step is to be able see this thing smile

<br>Montréal &nbsp;Québec &nbsp;H2H&nbsp;2J2


Hmm, do you have a published link where you see it actually wrap over in the middle of the postal code? That would almost seem like a browser quirk, but I would need to take a closer look at the actual published site to get a closer look.


Hi Vlad,

sorry I din't get it scream So is it possible to use none breaking space in web flow or not? If yes how?


Yes, nice question here! How to use none breaking space?


Hi Vlad and others,

Today I had luck! I found out that the non breaking space works now! I'm working with Safari 9.0.1 on a Mac. To me this is new.

To keep two words that need to be in the same line of text, type: ALT-space instead of a regular space.

If I am not wrong, previously, if you typed more than 1 space, webflow would automatically replace this by just 1 space. This has changed, hasn't it? Now I can type more than 1 space and they remain visible as separate spaces in the text I typed. (Although, when I copy unformatted text from say TextEditor on Mac and paste it into some text in a paragraph in Webflow designer, it regards 2 or more consecutive spaces as only 1.

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