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Is it possible to update existing Collection Items via a CSV import?

Is it possible to update existing Collection Items by importing a CSV file that includes Item IDs?

It looks like the answer is no, unless I’m missing something.

Can look at creating an automation with a third party tool.


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You are right, it’s not possible to update existing items via CSV import.

That’s why I’m building a tool that does support it. I’m looking for beta testers if you’re interested in trying it out.


Thanks for the confirmation @JudoHacker !

Will what you are building be helpful for porting from WordPress to Webflow?

It is not possible but if you use Google Sheets or Airtable instead, then you can connect it via Zapier. Just an idea.

Yes, if you can export it to CSV, my tool can import it. But, will it be to update existing collection items? Or to import as new items? If it’s the latter, Webflow’s CSV import can do the job.

@JudoHacker- I’ve noticed folks having trouble going from WP to WF in recent days. Will point them here in case this tool is helpful to them. Last time I imported data from WP, there were some fields that didn’t work via WF’s import tool, so had to do manually. Thanks again!

Thanks @pkarpisek. Hadn’t considered that as an option – For this instance, may be just as fast to do manual edits than set up automations.