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Is the lite plan 10 projects per month?


Is the lite plan 10 projects per month? I’m checking if I get the lite plan, if it’s 10 projects a month, it suits me but if they are in total then not so much

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The lite plan is 10 projects in total.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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And if you exported the sites and use other hosting and CMS?

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You can have up to 10 unhosted projects. Projects on subdomain.

If you create a site and add a hosting plan the site is not counted. You can have unlimited sites with hosting plan.

If you export the site you can delete it from Webflow.

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To add to this if you export your site and delete it you will not be able to import it again. Just in case you may think it works this way.

edit: “You” is for the OP, not @PiterDimitrov :slight_smile:

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If I export the sites, can I create unlimited sites with the Lite plan?


Yes, by creating, exporting and deleting projects you can definitely create unlimited sites!

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Thanks then I will consider it enormously to start using Webflow to design.