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Is there a way to create a search for dynamic content in the CMS?


I have blog posts with tags, how would I create an easy user friendly search bar for the user to be able to search for specific tags on my blog?

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anyone know? I would really like to get this feature implemented for a new client of mine.


What kind of search you need? In-page search (when it search certain content on the page) or search from the whole site?


Just basically a tag search for recipes, articles, etc.


Once again, search on one page or through all site?

If Search through the site, you need to use search engine service. One of the most affordable - Findberry. You can find tutorial I did here on the forum.


Thank you!

Sorry about not clearing that up. - what about just on that specific page?


MixitUp plagin can give such functionality, but you should pay the license for use it.


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