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Is there a way to delay auto play of a slider?


Just curious - is there a way to delay a slider’s auto-play? What I’m hoping to do is have an animation/interaction effect on a non-slider element, and then once that separate element is done doing its animation thing, it’ll fade out and the slider will begin to auto-play its slides. But that delay/pause of the slider would be key so it doesn’t pass the “starting” slide before the animation on the other element has been completed.

Before I end up going down a design rabbit hole that potentially doesn’t get me the results I’m aiming for, here’s what I’m currently thinking of doing - and if this doesn’t sound like it’ll accomplish what I’m hoping to do, I’d love if someone could let me know or point me in a better direction. :slight_smile:

Could my goal be accomplished by setting an interaction on the slider to have the slider animate in after the other element has faded out? If I do that, will the slider only start playing at the point it animates in?

Thanks in advance - hope this made some semblance of sense!