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Is there a way to insert youtube videos to CMS background images

Hi All,
Is there a way to insert youtube videos to CMS background images?

Hi @Grant1,

What is your use case on this subject? But to answer plainly, yes and no. You can insert a YouTube video into CMS and use it like a background video, but it wont really be a background video.

Background videos do not really work on tablet and mobile so keep that in mind.
Also, bg videos take longer to load and decrease site speed rankings as well.

Okay thanks for the reply.
Any other cheap ideas of making a background image on CMS?
Vimeo seems not only expensive but doesnt work also.
It doesn’t even fit the screen so there would be no reason to use it.

Well you can do background image in cms, but as you have been finding out it is not that easy for background videos.

I have been reading your other threads.

Ill have to do some research.

Thanks so much for your help.

Do you not find it a little silly that this hasn’t been adapted yet or am I just expecting to much. Surely for the money we pay we should be receiving basic features like a background video too CMS, as it is advertised as being super powerful.