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Is there a workshop today?



Is there a workshop today?

Thank you

Teresa - PixelPanda


I should have posted this here as well. sorry!

If you watch the live Q&A with Vlad, you can see me going off camera multiple times to blow my nose. I got REALLY sick right after the stream that i just went to bed and didn’t get up until FRIDAY! :cry:


Thank you for the reply.

Hope you feel better soon!

Teresa - PixelPanda


I feel MUCH better now. Thanks :smiley:

But, I didn’t want to rush this week’s setup just to stream. I want to make sure I’m well prepared to give you and the rest of the community my best.

See you next week and thanks for watching :smiley:


:wink: stressed out having the boss on your show. Hope you get well soon!