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Is this possible with WF?


Hi Guys,
I'm very much inspired by this post that shows a page with a nice "book view" modus to read a short snippet of a book.

In my mind, this is an ideal situation to have visitors read articles on a webpage. In a book-style-way of reading.

Would this be possible to implement in WF? Looking at the code I cannot find out how it would be possible. Would any of you give me some directions?

Thanks in advance,


What do you mean with book style? can be more specific?


@bambanx See this for demo, click the "see inside" button.

Anyway, I don't believe something like this is really possible in webflow at present time.


bartekkustra should be able to custom code something like this using javascript quite easily.


Thanks for the input guys!

@bartekkustra can you shed your light about the possibility of creating such a funtionality?