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Is this sticky nav possible?


Trying to create this for a client and was wondering if it was possible?
Basically the nav if fixed to the bottom of the browser window and when the user scrolls down it scrolls up and stops at the top of the browser window.
(see link for example)


Fixed div respective to section - help
Sticky navbar on the top after scroll

The sticky idea is more complex on webflow (No way (yet) to change CSS by interaction - sticky change the position to fixed on the fly).

By webflow custom code, it’s very easy to solve this (less than 1minute).

  1. paste before body:
    <script src="" integrity="sha256-Bo3JGQq9V2eOtdGq6qYConGQtsVgey3GSlz5d03tK7M=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

      var sticky = new Sticky('[data-sticky]', {});

webflow tree: Add data-sticky="data-sticky" for element X. Publish - done.

Add options if you want:


without code:

Try this project:



Thanks @Siton_Systems :ok_hand: