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Issue with Click Events


Dear Forum,
i currently struggle with the embed of onclick events.

The case is, that I am relaunching the page and currently they use some sort of events to open up the appointment tool.

As I am not linking to a physical page here but instead opening some sort of overlay that appears on the top corner of the website, i am struggeling on how to achieve that in Webflow?

Many thanks for your help!


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hello @martinfoerster

You want to have some kind of popup? Am I understanding you right?

Piter :webflow_heart:


Dear Piter,
yes check the old site please - if you want to click on a button to book an appointment, it opens a java script layover.


Creating a popup is very easy. I can show you the basics and you can take it from there.


that would be great!

the “linktarget” of the links is “toggleDrFlexAppointments(21054)”

i am refering to this site:

check what happens when you click on the buttons, it opens a third party java script application and i am wondering on how to achieve that with webflow? Where can i specify these kind of link targets?


I think that the popup comes from the service. You can create popups in Webflow, but if you want to use I think they are the ones who give the script for the widget.


Next to embedding a script in the head (easy task)

you need to include these kind of links: <a href=“javascript:toggleDrFlexAppointments(21054)” class=“standort-link standort-link-links”>Berlin</a>

instead of a normal sitelink, do I just use “javascript:toggleDrFlexAppointments(21054)” instead of for example "booking.html?

How to attach a class to a link?


I can’t find information about the embedding options on their site. Do you have the script they are providing or some documentation they have?

If you want to add a .standort-link standort-link-links class you just give the button this class name.

I’m not sure because I can’t find information on their site.