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Issue with Dropdown Menu fading away on Hover


Hello everyone! Hope all is well. I'm working on finishing up a website and my client is having trouble when trying to hover the dropdown menu. They are using a mouse and when they try to hover "Services" or "FAQ", the menu drops down but then fades away pretty consistently. It's very hard for her to choose a menu option because of it. I'm new to Webflow and not sure if I'm done something incorrect when constructing the dropdown menus.

If you could, please take a look at my public link to see what I can do to make the menu stick when chosen so that the UX is stronger! Thank you very much!


Here's the public link:

Here's the live website:


I don't have an answer for you but just wanted to let you know that the menus don't disappear when hovering with a mouse for me on OSX or Win10. Do you know what browser/OS they are using?

The site looks wonderful by the way! Hope you find your answer.


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