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Issues in section linking


Hey guys,

Its just an observation that I am stating here, check it out if its a bug or not, but it surely is causing me problems.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to settings of any navigation link
2. Since, I want to link it to a section within the page, i entered the unique linking ID in the URL box
3. The URL is automatically preceded by 'http://' now, so what I entered previously stands of no use

Moreover, I cannot even remove 'http://' from there. Please look into it and revert ASAP.



Hi @apoorav, if you want to link to a section you have to click on the anchor icon:

Maybe the icon is confusing? Which icon do you think makes more sense?


Hi @thesergie, the icon showing an arrow to the page looks more illustrative.

Thanks for the help! I should have seen the anchor as well. However, it would be better if the icon is changed to what you just showed.


Thanks for the feedback! We'll update it. smile


Am I right in thinking that this is an 'anchor' tag to link to items or positions on a page? If so I think the anchor is better - isn't that what is used elsewhere on web/internet/html software?


There's no such thing as an <anchor> tag per-se, but yeah it's referred to as an anchor when it's placed inside of <a href="#section-name"></a> - hence the anchor icon.

I personally thing the anchor icon is more pleasing and simple, but it may not "communicate" what it is to a newbie like the arrow to the page.

In any case hover tool-tips will solve any confusion, but it's interesting to see which is better received!