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Issues with web form


hi everyone,

For any reason this form stopped working, it used to move to the second step and probably there is something missing to send the information to the recipient.

Ill appreciate any help! Thanks in advance

Shared link:


Error message in console:

An invalid form control with name='Category' is not focusable.

Please follow guidelines, they will solve most issues for you automatically, or at least point you in the right direction.


What do you mean... with

These are the following steps with form:

  1. Complete all inputs, most of them are required.
  2. Click Next and get the message: Thank you! Your submission has been received!
    At this point, I should receive the email with the information even if the person/company don't highlights the job
  3. Option to highlight the job, CTA to make the payment thru Plasso

The issue is on the CTA button "Next"; after filling the form is not sending the information.

Thanks @samliew


Look for a hidden required field.


I got it - thank you @samliew