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Item Block Wrapper


Hello good morning,
so my website . I wanted to know how to add 2 additional slides to the current slide that I do have. Everytime I try to add a new slide it redirects me to a different portion on the page.

Also on this same website, at the bottom I have an item block wrapper with the images CLINICS and CAMPS . But above this I have another item block wrapper, with images U12, U14, U16. On a mobile device they don’t fall the way the item wrapper block image at the very bottom folds and drops.

How do I have the item wrap block be set up where it folds together and not images first then the item block wrapper ?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi. Its hard to understand what you trying to get (maybe add some screenshots).


The item block wrapper with the words CLINICS and CAMPS. I’d like for the ones with the words U12 U14 U16 TO BE EXACTLY LIKE these.


Hi @Nicholasbee1, I cannot find those elements in the design any longer, are you still having the issue with that? I would recommend to check out the flexbox examples page:

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