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IX 2.0 initial state apply on all devices


Hi Community,

if I won´t an IX 2.0 on my mobile device and I disable it over the button, why it will apply the initial state that comes from the interaction. This makes absolute no sense for me.


Greetings Maurice

Interraction not triggering on mobile does show hidden state

I have an issue with this. I have different page load animations for mobile and desktop. with different starting states. but now the starting position of one applies to the other and they all end up looking weird and not working.

I guess this must be due to a browser limit? but it would be nice if it didn’t have this limitation.


I think I’m having the same issue. My navbar needs to slide out on tablet and below. Therefore, I set my initial state to -100%.

But, on desktop, it does not need to be off the page at all…

Looking into writing a custom media query to pull the navbar out only on the desktop size.


Any thoughts on this one @thesergie ?


Hi everyone, unfortunately this is a limitation of IX2 that we cannot work around. Due to the complexity of IX2, we must render our initial styles during the server-side publish… and because this publish happens on the server, we are unable to look at browser-specifics such as device width.

I would recommend using traditional CSS and media queries to style these elements if you require them to have a specific style on page load.

Interraction not triggering on mobile does show hidden state