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iX2 Duplicating Animations Frustration



I have a simple iX2 page scroll animation that hides and shows the navbar. It works great.

I obviously want this animation on every page of the site (as it affects the navbar) so I just duplicate the page and hey presto, all is working. When I look closer at the animations again it shows that it has duplicated the animation also by calling it {animation name} 2, then 3,4,5 and so on and so forth, depending on how many pages I have.

This looks ugly and I find myself deleting all the newly created animations and re-linking to the original animation, all over again, on every new page.

Is this expected behaviour? How can I stop the animations being re-created every time I duplicate a page and just have one instance of the animation that works on every page without having to manually delete and re-link?


You have to go into the first animation and “Replace element class name” - there should be a yellow exclamation with blank listing. You must type the new class name on the new page manually, it won’t do it automatically.


We’re deprecating the “Replace element” functionality and replace it with the new way to target and reuse elements. Check it out:


Beautiful. Things just got way more user friendly and intuitive.