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Jquery form submit


i'm developing a website using webflow but i have a problem with forms.

i have this form:

                        <input class="w-input" id="cognome" type="text" name="cognome">

                        <label>Data di Nascita:</label>
                        <input class="w-input" id="nascita" type="date" name="nascita">

                        <input class="w-input" id="indirizzo" type="text" name="indirizzo">

                        <input class="w-input" id="citta" type="text" name="citta">

                        <input class="w-input" id="provincia" type="text" name="provincia">

                        <input class="w-input" id="cap" type="text" name="cap">

                        <input class="w-input" id="email" type="email" name="email">


                    <div class="w-col w-col-6 w-col-stack adjust-container">

                        <input class="w-input" id="nickname" type="text" name="nickname">

                        <div id="image_preview" style="text-align:center;"><img style="max-height:400px;" id="previewing" src="../images/profile_default.png" /></div>

                        <input id="file" type="file" name="avatar">
                        <div id="message"></div>
                        <input class="odonto-form-button w-button" type="submit" name="submit-new-user" value="Salva">

and i would like to submit it using jquery:

$("#add-user-form").on('click',(function(e) {
url: "admin/admin_jquery.php", // Url to which the request is send
type: "POST", // Type of request to be send, called as method
data: new FormData(this), // Data sent to server, a set of key/value pairs (i.e. form fields and values)
contentType: false, // The content type used when sending data to the server.
cache: false, // To unable request pages to be cached
processData:false, // To send DOMDocument or non processed data file it is set to false
success: function(data) { // A function to be called if request succeeds

but it doesn't work. When i submit the form page gets refreshed and no data is passed to the php script. Any idea?


Hi @Darietto, could you please share the published site link as well as the read-only link to your site?

Things like your read-only link, and screenshots of the elements in question really speed things up.

Posting guidelines can be found here:

Thanks in advance! smile

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