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Jquery help to remove empty thumbnails



I have an issue whereby I’m populating a lightbox using a cms list and it works fine. However, if some cms fields aren’t populated, a blank thumbnail appears in the lightbox thumbnail list at the bottom of the screen. I’ve made a jsfiddle out of it and I’m looking to find a solution that removes lightbox thumbnail which are empty.

Open the JsFiddle and Run. Then click “more photos from the event” to see what I’m talking about

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance



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Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton,

Could conditional visibility help you there ?
Not sure if that is what you’re looking for though.


Hi @anthonysalamin,

Thanks for taking the time to answer but no - it won’t work in this situation as what I’m using is custom code.

However, I found the jquery



Well that’s really interesting indeed, thank you for sharing that bit of code !


Hey Man,

thanks for your code! However if I implement it into the embed html,
the Lightbox won’t open anymore. Do you have an idea?

Thanks in advance!