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JQuery Plugin Implementation


Hi there!

I’m looking to use Lazy Line Painter, and I get how I prep my files and where I put the custom code from Git.

My only question is, how do I indicate where I want the JQuery element to appear in my designer view?

Thanks, @cyberdave @sabanna @samliew and others!


by #id (or class - by id is better).

Example (by id #Signature):

Her (by id ‘#target’)

Empty div “problem”

On webflow for this tricks is better to give some height (by padding is the best) - to the element (You see the animation only on publish site - but it hard to work with “non-height” item).


So again - create div --> add some top/bottom padding (and bg if you want) --> add id #wow - than initialize the plugin by id selector #wow

Also this is jquery plugin so wrap your code with doc ready (To avoid errors)

$(document).ready(function() {
 // my code

see her some jquery & webflow combination (The idea is always the same):


Hi, @joealterio!

Did you succeed implementing Lazy Line Painter?
If yes, can you explain exactly how?

Thank you!

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