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Just Being Ridiculous, with Chameleons and CoDrops



Here it is guys:
Clone it here before the Chameleons start changing colors again:

Gotta love CoDrops:


@Waldo_Broodryk awesome site! Very useful effect and codedrops are great smile It's a small world and webflow is awesome because @dnlsptzk designed this AMAZING site in webflow (the forum post is here: which the codedrop ( was based on:

Conclusion: webflow rules the universe.



Wow @dnlsptzk your site is INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I love it man smile In the newsblog, did you just put some svg stroke animations to make those or did you go another route? Those look awesome! smiley #WebflowFTW Thanks @Arthur smiley


@Waldo_Broodryk completely agree the site is amazing, you can make the newsblog thing in interactions if you wanted to I am sure...


Definitely could with some expanding divs and such smiley


Hi Waldo. The stroke animations are completely made in webflow. No SVG, just div interactions/transitions smile

You can inspect everything here:



That's super legit @dnlsptzk 😁😁😁 nice work!!! #WebflowFTW


@dnlsptzk I think your's is my all time favourite site built in webflow ever, it is just amazing... smile