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K-12 School software site made in webflow


Just added a new product page in about a week with webflow. Really helped move our marketing fast and looking for feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

The client login is a separate file on a subdomain done by playing with the DNS settings.


simple and clean. Just they way I like websites. Great job!


Sweet workand tasteful use of hide-reveal interactives and slider at bottom I love your use . Re "looking for feedback and suggestions."
- If your goal is to lead generation, have you considered uncluttering the right side of top nav. and replacing with a colored 'Free Demo' button in top right?
Congrats again!


I agree with @PixelGeek, nice and clean and simple, easy for site visitors to scan with their eyes, really nice job smile


Ask and you shall recieve -

The top nav was bugging me as well, and this is what I came up with. Now I have to come up with a better home welcome scheme now that the contact / demo pages look better. Any ideas?


What a difference! so much more breathing space in the top Nav. Nice job. "ideas?" you ask. Here's a couple that jumped out at me -
- H1 Copy on chalkboard to a verb /engages my imagination. eg Webflows "Create..without code"
- is style of the chalkboard in keeping with the professional level software that you want to convey?
- site seems to cry out for screenshots of your product vs images that are there
- Top Nav - left side next to logo seems to display name of the page you are on and serves no function so I'd nix it.
- Line weight of Icons under chalkboard - nice if there were icons closer to the svelte fonts you have.
- White space between sections could be opened up
- v. easy to miss the green link / call to action in 'User Friendly Interface' section
- Lovely Schedule a Demo & Let's Get in Touch pages - if the green ribbon on those pages was taller and repeated on the Home page also it'd tie everything together a little more...

Sorry! all the best though!

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