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Keep getting unwanted line-break! Please Help!


So I have text in a div that has been rotated for styling. But only in this div when I have a space in the name in the cms it breaks. I need it straight. I have tried a few things and I don’t know what I am missing.

I have tried shift+Space to add a non-breaking space but it doesn’t recognize it in the cms it seems… Idk.
Any help to resolve this is much appreciated.

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Hi @Noah-R Try changing your width of your text element:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Ok, so yeah… I did that and it worked for me to. But what about in the future when the feature product is different?



Try adding this extra css code:

p {
white-space: nowrap;


Are you comfortable in doing that?


Yes I think so. And I attach the class correct?


Yes change the p to your class like .your-class-name

Good luck :blush:


Awesome thanks man! Appreciate your help!