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Keeping focus on the edit after going into preview


Hey guys,

As I'm design in the C D view, I need to preview things a lot because what you see is really not what you get in those views. I'm ok with it.

The pain is that when I go back from the preview, the element I was editing is not focused anymore and I have to select it again. I my case there is about 3 or 4 layers of things (rows, cols, picture, side texts, etc ...) I have to go thru before reaching the element I was editing.

So, keeping focus on the edit after going into preview would help a lot !

Just for sake to put clarity here, let's assign letters to resolution formats :

A is Defaut view
B is Tablet Portrait view
C is Mobile Landscape view
D is Mobile Portrait view

Thank you !


I'm not sure if you already do this, but when you are back off the preview, simply click the 'Navigator' button:

And then you can click the element you want.

However, I agree that keeping the focus on a certain element when you return the to design tab would be extremely useful.

Hope this helps,


@bew yes I do use this a lot. But still in Navigator, it's always go back on the top by default. Many row as the same name as they use the same classes ... So it's not that usefull.

And two, there is not keyboard shortcuts. A S D works but F G should be working too !

Thanks for your input smile


Great suggestions! I just added them to our list! smile

Btw, to navigate to Parent and children elements faster you can select an element and hit the UP and DOWN arrows on your keyboard. That's what I do and it's super fast. You can go to sibling elements too by hitting RIGHT and LEFT arrows. Hope this helps!


I already do smile I would be almost impossible to work without this. Do you guys have a full list of all the short cuts ?

Thank you !


You can hit SHIFT+/ in the designer to see the shortcuts. We'll clean it up soon.