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Keyfold - User registration and login for Webflow


Evening all,

Long time listener, first time caller - I’m Daley, a Product Designer from Auckland New Zealand, great to be a part of the growing Webflow community.

So what started as an exploration into how @jasondark and I could streamline our prototyping process has now turned into a full blown project that has the two of us working flat out to design and build a product (almost entirely within Webflow) that can do the same, if not much much more, for all of you.

There is still a lot of work ahead but we are hoping to go live with a version 1 within the next 2-3 weeks and would love to have you all along for the journey. to get on the list to be told the second we go live.

Can’t wait to get feedback and let’s keep pushing Webflow to the limit, you’ll be amazed at just how much it can do.


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Hey, @daley.maasz and @jasondark it sounds awesome can’t wait to see what you’re about to show us :grinning:


Can’t wait to see this! Props to all involved.


You have my attention… :eyes:


I fully support this and believe it will work. I worked with a London based design agency recently and they built this for their in-house use. Although theirs was custom built and somehow connected to Webflow. Still very exciting and can’t wait to try this out!


Signed up and can’t wait to see what it can do! I’ve just been looking at SentryLogin and signed up for the free trial so I think I’ll hand fire on the full thing just yet!

Holding my breath! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @daley.maasz and @jasondark,

Just wondering if there any updates with this? Not that I’m impatient or anything but I want to play with it now! :joy::joy::joy:

Hope all is well, excited anyway.


Hi there,

I would like to introduce an awesome Frankenstein of functionality that we as Webflow creators have been looking to accomplish for some time!

We have been wanting to create a membership portal within Webflow, but with an ease that isn’t too technical.

I would like to introduce Authflow which is a walkthrough that shows how to combine the membership portal functionality of Authpro, with the ease of creating websites in Webflow.

You can learn more at

The complete forum walk-through can be found at


FYI, Keyfold has seized development.

Screenshot of the official email sent earlier this week.


Another option is Memberstack.

We just finished a rebuild of Netflix’s front end, subscriptions and all, and it actually works. Everything is inside Webflow.