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Korean typing error on Editor mode in Rich text section

Hello, I’m struggling some Korean typing issues for more than a month.
I reached out to CS team and the manager and I have been talking through more than 20 emails,
but the problem is still not resolved. So, I decided to change my mind and to request here.

It is a really important issue for me to decide to use Webflow or not to use.
And now i’m having two projects ongoing, clients want me to resolve those issues ASAP.


[Problem description]

  1. Automatically cursor jumping to the first spot in the line.
  2. Can’t delete contents (delete/backspace key don’t work)
  3. Sometimes contents are automatically deleted when trying to escape from troubles.
    It means that I cannot write contents at the finishing line without an issue.

[I already checked/tested]

  • incognito mode (on Chrome), private mode (on Safari)
    but problems are still there.
  • mac and window both.

[Tested system info]

  • On mac (10.15.3)
  1. Chrome : 81.0.4044.138(official build) (64bit)
  2. Safari : 13.0.5(15608.5.11)
  • On window 10 pro
  1. Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 // Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362
  2. Chrome : 81.0.4044.138(official build) (64bit)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Problems movie recorded: LINK

i have use traditional Chinese , and sometimes designer can’t type chinese,and Can’t delete contents ,when happen this problem , my approach i always click toggle preview , this problem will fix.

but the problem sometimes still happened.

Thanks for your comment!
Hope your problem could be resolved soon!!

I have question about what you said,
What is toggle preview?
And how can I use it ?

Thanks in advance,
Xiexie !!


Thanks for the photo.

is it possible for you to edit an article in the toggle view ?
is it possible to use “editor mode” in toggle view ?

I think mine doesn’t work…T-T

i mean click toggle preview button and next step back to designer.
This way works for me.
sorry, my english is pretty basic.