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Landscape mode on Ipad3 behaves like DESKTOP


Dearest Webflow Staff,

I need the states of my interface buttons to behave differently between desktop and touch devices.

Everything in webflow is perfect for that BUT if I orient my lpad in landscape, all the classes start to behave like the desktop mode.

Such a small bug, can I expect this to be fixed or will I have to export and go on the code myself?

Thank you,


Can you share your project so we can help.


Hello topelovely, I prefer not to share the project at the moment, but I think it's not needed:

I am testing the interface on Iphone 4, Iphone 5s, Iphone 6, Galaxy S3 and he latest Ipad air.

For example,

In the case of Iphone 5s:
- portrait mode: all divs and images get the "desktop settings"
- landscape mode: all divs and images get the "tablet settings"

In the case of Ipad3:
- Landscape mode: "tablet settings" (OK!)
- Portrait mode: "tablet settings" (OK!)

Long story short: I would simply like to have the iphone 5 and 6 to be recognized as "mobile" and not as "tablet". Even though it makes sense pixel-wise, I really need the "mobile" design to run on "mobile".

Any suggestion or trick? Am I the only one with this problem? I really hope I'm missing something.