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Landscape Phone


Hello! I have finished my website and I published it so I can see how it shows up in different devices. While everything works when I turn my phone into landscape mode the first part of my website ( the title and the blue arrow showing down) doesn't stay in place, rather it drops down and overlaps the second section! can anyone help??
This is my public link---


That's not what I'm seeing. Comes out fine for me.

on a side note: bottom of page - it says "© 2014 Resume All Rights Reserved"
- was the "Resume" part intentional



@Revolution First of all thank you for making the video!!!! in the preview mode it is fine for me as well, but when i take the link and i open it from my phone (landscape) it doesn't come out right!!! i have tried it from three different phones just incase but still the same result!!!!


Hi @athina_tzan, can post a couple screenshots for me? I'm happy to take a look for you. Also, if you have a moment, please include your browser, operating system, and device info. It will help me debug this issue much faster. (e.g. Safari, iOS8, iPhone 5s etc) Thx!


I tried accessing the webflow designer on my iphone.

It loads - but I can't do anything (ie preview)


Hello these screenshots are taken from an Iphone 4 iOs7 from safari. The same things happens when I open it from an Iphone 4S iOS7 in Chrome, and in a Samsung phone, (just incase it made any difference).
This is the link which you can open it on a phone or tablet device to see exactly what I mean!!!



Hi @athina_tzan, have you had any luck with this? I'm getting a 404 error for the link you provided (


Hi @Revolution, are you trying to use the Designer from a phone? If so, the Webflow designer is currently only supported in Desktop Chrome.


OP was trying to see his site on an iPhone... so I tried.
Didn't expect it to work...