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Language, locale and locale-specific content - Impossible with Webflow?

I’m trying to build a website that does the following:

  • Allows for the selection of multiple countries (locales).
  • Allows for the selection of multiple languages per locale.
  • Allows for the ability to blog for each locale.

Given that Webflow doesn’t have multilingual support, I’ve relied on the third party solution recommended by Webflow (Weglot) for language management.

Given that Webflow doesn’t allow for dynamically creating pages based on locale, I’m resorting to manually creating clones of my website for each locale (placed under country codes such as /us, /uk etc.).

So right now, I have a website with manually-created, country-specific pages, based on country codes, and which also use Weglot for language management.

My question is, how can I allow each country to blog for their given country in a way that’s going to fit with the URL structure that I’m setting up?

Collections don’t allow for the placement of collections under subfolders, but for SEO purposes I can’t exactly have each country’s blog be located in their own root-level subfolder.

I seem to be more or less forced to do the following:
L /us/page
L /uk/page

Is there any way to achieve my desired result with Webflow? Or am I limited to only using root-level collections and pages, with a third party language management solution?


Anyone able to help?