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Large size companies using Webflow


HI webflow users. I was just wondering if any of you know of any large sized companies using Webflow as their cms? The company i work at we are considering migrating to Webflow. Just wanted to hear if anyone has any experience with Webflow on a bit larger scale, like would Webflow handle a website with 500-1000 pages involved?
Best, Olafur


Hi @olafur :wave: Welcome to the community :smiley:

There are quite a number of sites that have a lot of CMS content. This is a project that has around 1300 products, so it does handle a large number of pages easily. The content and design still needs some work but the owner is happy for me to share it as an example. Granted, this is a small business not a large one though! :grimacing: I hope you don’t mind me sharing the example.

EDIT: Helps if I add the example! :man_facepalming:

There are many Webflow sites a lot larger and more complex than this, so I’ll leave it for other users to share some :smile:

If you do have any questions though, please feel free to reach out. Most of our team (including me) were Webflow users long before we joined the team.


sure would be great so see that. I am working with a Telecom company and would be great to see if any of those are using Webflow. I just need a convincing point for my superiors as i´ve been a Webflow user for 2 years and would rather stick with Webflow since it gives me such power over the whole workflow of designing and maintaining the whole site.


Edited my original post as I didn’t add the link! :slight_smile:


Maybe this links will be helpful:


Hi @olafur

Just to add some further resources here:

You can see our hosting details here:
100 static pages, and either 2000 or 10,000 collection items.

(each collection item populates a templated page, so as long as you use the CMS for the majority of the site structure, it should meet your needs)

We also have a couple of pages which may help convince the company to go the Webflow way:

Hope this info helps!