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Large-sized image is not showing on iOS iPad or iPhone


I would need some people to test this page : on mobile device cos on my Ipad or Iphone, the page is not loading the picture.


Thanks in advance.



can you link your project's public link?


How to do that ?



Thanks for your help !
Here is the link :



@Ruby, it looks like your image's resolution is too big for some devices. You should resize your image (in a separate application like Photoshop) to a smaller resolution (e.g. 1200px at the largest dimension), and that should fix it for IOS devices.

See the "Known Resource Limits" on this page for more details:


I changed the size of the original picture but it does not fixed the problem.
Can you test the page on mobile device :



Your image info:

Dimensions: 2487 × 2845
File size: 1.0 MB
MIME type: image/jpeg

iOS devices can take up to 250KB file size. You should change its size to eg. 1600px and compress it so it's 230KB top! And because it's a black and white image you should consider using vectors in here. SVG is better for logos wink


I'm not okay with your point of view cos the image is shown on the page :

On this page I tried to display image directly into the home section.
But I can't use this way to display the image cos on Firefox the image is not resized correctly.

Dimensions: 895 × 1024
File size: 516 KB
MIME type: image/jpeg

Again, image size is over 250KB. Compress it.


@Ruby, @bartekkustra is right, it appears that the file size is too big.

Check out some of these tools to shrink the size of your image: