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Layout - Export code looks different than in Webflow


My Index page looks correct in Webflow, but when i download the code and open the same index.html in Chrome the layout is broken

How can i fix that?



The section or div that is holding the images - is that on % or pixel for the width?


Hey @irafis

Any chance you could give me a url to the website that has exported code so i can look at the code? if you dont want to share it publicly just send me a pm :smile:



Looked at the code its 18% width :smile:


If i touch it i lose all the animations


What do you touch that you lose all animations? :smile:


The % width ...
Here the link to the website files:


Im looking into the code will update you when i find something :smile:


Thanks man! I really appreciate your help!!


No issues i think i found the culprit if you want i can either make a video tutorial on how to fix it if you can provide me a read-only link or i can explain it in text :smile:


If it's not too long better in text


@irafis I dont think you will understand i i write it but if you dont want to give me the whole site what you can do is duplicate the site delete everything except the 5 images :smile:



Thanks Ahmad ... i will try to fix it with a developer friend of mine. Thanks anyway for your help.


Your welcome just tell him to give the class:

w-inline-block sk-centerdiv sk-splash-imgdiv = Width 18% Margin-Left: 1%; Margin Right: 1%;


w-inline-block sk-centerdiv = Width 18% Margin-Left: 1%; Margin Right: 1%;

Hopefully this speeds up the workflow for you and him :smile:



Ahmad.. i resolved the problem on the homepage, but now i have some layout problems in other pages when looked on ipad. Listen.. are you available for hire? I guess in a couple of hours you can fix all the bugs, the problems are just in 2-3 pages, nothing complicated. Please let me know and how much you ask per hour...


Hey Cris,

Kindly PM me the details what you need done and i will get back to you :smile:



Give me one day, tomorrow i will see the client, maybe there are some minor changes to apply.
I will send you a PDF via PM with the list of the things to do by tomorrow evening.



Look forward :smile:

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