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Lighbox Question: there are images that shouldn't be there

Hi All,

I contacted the support team but didnt receive any solution and deadline is Tuesday.
I hope someone here can help me with this issue.
My display website is:

In this page, you will see two lightbox sections because I am trying to resolve this (which i failed).
I am working with the upper section (before the footer), I am seeing black images that shouldn’t be in light box display. To clarify, there should be total 7 images in the lightbox section which are the images in the thumbnail, but there are 3 additional random image. How can i get rid of this?
I tried giving new classes and deleting the div and making a new one, making new lightbox link group, but seems like the errors is in the grid?

Currently my only leeway to avoid this was to set up a fresh new lightbox sections in each pages i need, but i need 30+ pages and setting up the light boxes over and over again will take too much time.

I did find a topic with similar issue but this one only says they contacted the support team:

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.

I have seen this before and eventually found this post where I tried to help.


Thank you for the comments.
I looked at the thread and seems like DC1 had the exact same issue but I highly doubt that it’s spelling issue since I tried recreating the groups for the lightboxes? As I mentioned, if I recreate the whole gallery section, it will work but that will take too much time since i need to make 30+ prj pages. Would there be any other solutions?

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