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Lighboxes need zoom to 100% functionality


If you put an image of a very long text document in a lightbox it would look unreadable even after clicked because the lightbox automatically zooms it to fit the browser window height and that height is insufficient to accomodate the the very long image. Therefore lightboxes need a "zoom to 100% button".


Hi @uzzer, that is a good idea smile We'll try add that to a future lightbox update smile


or the option to auto pan x / y on mouse move
a fit window / zoom out button on hover for desktop with a timer to make the hover icon fade / disappear (this should apply to thumbs as well).
and pinch zoom in / out functionality for touch

the whole point of a lightbox is to see original content and navigate it without distraction



Has this option now been added @cyberdave?

If not, is it in the pipeline?



Hi @DanUK1, this is on the wishlist, but we do not have an ETA for this yet. Cheers,