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Lighboxes Not Working in Safari v5


I have read about this issue in other posts but it looks like there is no real resolution:

Client noticed light boxes are loading opaque background only in Safari (on Mac). I tested via and experienced the same issues.

I will try to posts a link to client site later.

Does anyone have a fix?


A site link will help to test?


Here is a sample site: that experiences the same issue.

Here is the read only link:

Here is a screenshot of the behaviour:


Can anyone from webflow weigh in on this?


Thanks for the video! it really helps :smile:

What version of safari are you using?


That version of safari was from as I don't run safari on Windows (I believe it is the latest version 5.X).

My client originally noted the same issue on their Mac when reviewing a project I am working on for them. I have also noticed the same issue on other sites I have done through webflow (both with webflow hosting and exported code). The example above was a new site I created just to show the issue.


The issue does indeed appear in Safari 5. Unfortunately we only support Safari 7 and up.


Thanks for clarifying @sorin

The client confirmed they viewed in on an older mac.

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