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Lightbox Caption

I want to create a Lightbox with a Collection List, here are two questions:

– can I do 8 columns instead of the standard collection-list-6?
– where can I add the caption to the image?

Last year, the summer between High School and Junior High, an encounter with my neighbor taught me that I was able to exceed my own perceived limitations. With a combination of forcefulness and encouragement, he made me go beyond anything I had done before, accepting that I could give more than I ever thought. And while I resisted his efforts at first, when it was over the sense of accomplishment filled me and let me find a powerful release. That’s why I’ll never forget the day my neighbor forced me to deepthroat his cock.

It all started with me sunbathing topless in my backyard. It was a bright, hot sunny day. I’d already sunned my back with my bikini top untied to keep from having a tan line where the string was, and given that I thought no one was around, I decided to do the same for my tits. They were smaller then than now, but still full for a girl my age, and I was very proud of them, Especially since they were bigger than all my friends. So there I was, sitting in the sun, my lotioned up boobs soaking up the rays, when I heard a voice calling my name.

I covered my boobs with one arm, using the other to shade my eyes so I could see who was standing on the other side of the fence, peering over and watching me, I saw my neighbor, his piggy little eyes fixed on me and a phone in one hand. My first thought was that he was a gross creeper, especially since he’s older than my parents. Then the phone in his hand sunk in, and I felt a sinking feeling in my tummy. I asked what the fuck he thought he was doing, and he smirked. “I got pics of you with your tits hanging out, girly,” he said, “And I’ll email them to your parents and your school and everyone you know. Unless you suck my cock.”

Now, I’d sucked cock before, but guys my age, and only a few. I knew I wasn’t an expert, but I was sure I knew enough to make my neighbor happy. So when he told me to come around to his yard, I did, putting on my bikini top first, I needent have bothered. He made me take it off the second I was in his yard, then grabbed my boobs, squeezing them and pinching my nips then twisting . It hurt but also made me warm between my legs. And wet too, I soon realized. But at that point, I didn’t know how excited I was. In fact, I thought I was pissed and horrified. But when he pulled his dick free and I saw how thick and veiny it was, I kinda wanted to go down on it. He was as long as any guy I had been with and thicker than any too. So when he pushed me to my knees, I didn’t resist. I just opened my mouth and started sucking when he shoved it in.

Everything seemed to be going great at first. Sure, my mouth and jaw got sore really quick, since he was so thick, but I was bobbing and slurping and wiggling my tongue and all that shit that drives guys crazy. So, when my neighbor grabbed my hair and thrust really hard, slamming his dick against the back of my throat, it took me by surprise, and hurt too. I gagged and tired to push him away, but he held me in place. I’d had two different guys do shit like that before, but I stopped both times and they never got blowies from me again. But my neighbor wasn’t stopping for shit. A did bite him, not hard, just a little nip. And he got super pissed and redfaced, he yanked my head back, slapped me so hard my teeth felt like they shook, and told me all the shit he’d do to me before he sent the topless pics of me to everyone I knew. So when he told me to start sucking again, I did, I took his dick as deep as I could, gagging myself as I tried to take more than I ever had before.

My neighbor let me try for a bit before he took over again. He grabbed a big handful of my hair, twisting it so much I started really crying. Then he pushed his cock forward while using my hair to pull my mouth toward him. It hurt like hell for second or two, then with a pop I definitely felt and maybe even heard, the head of his dick sunk into my throat. I panicked, scared I would choke to death on it, hitting his legs with my fists. He pulled me off, backhanded me, shoved his dick back into my throat, and this time didn’t stop until my nose was buried in his smelly pubic hair. I was balling at that point, but with my throat full of cock, no sound was coming out. And at the moment, I hoped if I died from being chocked by his cock, he would tell my parents something else. I didn’t want them to know I’d died with a dick down my throat.

But I didn’t die. Yeah, breathing was tough, and a couple of times I started to see dancing lights as my neighbor throat fucked me, but he never let it go too far, always pulling back enough for me to breathe just before things got really bad. And before I knew it, it was over. He used my hair to pull my mouth up so only his cockhead was still in, then held my head in place as he cummed into my mouth. I tried not to swallow, but he clamped his hand over my mouth and tilted my head back. His cum tasted very bitter, so I swallowed just to get it out of my mouth. He then thanked me, told me I was a great cocksucker, and that he couldn’t believe a girl as young as me had been able to deepthroat him. I didn’t bother telling him it had been my first time, but to my surprise, I felt good that I had been able to do what he thought I couldn’t.

That night lying in bed I replayed the whole thing in my mind over and over. And I thought about how when I went back to my yard, I realized my bikini bottom was wet . I’d been horrified while it happened, or thought I was, now I knew I had also been excited. A warm glow came to my pussy, and I rubbed it while squeezing my boobs with my other hand. Quicker than I thought, I cummed all over my fingers, my mind flashing back to the feeling of my neighbor’s cock forcing its way into my throa, and I relieved that in my mind as I climaxed. Next time I blew a guy, I knew I’d try to take him all down my throat, something I thought I could not do, but I now knew I could because I had done it, my first deepthroat! I fell asleep happy despite the soreness of my throat and jaw.