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Lightbox of text instructions



Can anybody guide me through in creating Lightbox with text of instructions.Something like shown below.


Hello guys, Can anybody help me with the above question?


Ooh, I can help! I’ll throw something together and post here!


Thank You. Will be waiting for your reply.!!


Here you go! Hope this helps!

You can clone this project here:



Hey I have a question for you on a topic you did for ADA Menus. Were you able to get the menus to work with screen readers? I have a fly out menu I am making ADA complaint.


Hey, @mlovegren! I’m actually working on that right now. Building out a menu that is a list fed by a collection, it’s a multilevel drop down, and you can navigate by keyboard. Hopefully I have something to show on it soon!


Hey, rileyrichter I have some javascript

I found this link but it is still not working .