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Like, Save, Bookmark Button


How to do it?

How to add ratings to webflow cms?

How to add save button?

How to add bookmark?

Here are some small-small things I want to add to webflow cms :pray:

Let me help to achieve, Thanks to all community member!


Hello @People_Inc

There are tons of options for this, check the following links:


Bookmarks: (not as simple solution as the previous one but definitely doable)

Hope this helps.


The simplest way of this being implemented is that when you like an item, you have the option to sort/filter and only show items you have liked. plus a highlighted state for the style of the like button.

more complicated solutions would include a dedicated “liked” page somewhere. that’s where it becomes tricky I think.


You’re right

There should be one page filter with saved content.
But how to achieve this its still not clear, How to put saving button & execute with cms!