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Limit of 1 Nested CMS List on a single page

I need to understand why we are limited in the number of CMS lists we are allowed on a single page.

Can someone from the Webflow team please tell me why these are limited and in particular why we are only allowed to nest one CMS list?

Hi @moofawsaw,

Thank you for the feedback on the nested collection system. At this time we are keeping it to 1 nested collection per page with a limit of 5 because how performance is affected. Keep in mind that if you have a single collection with 100 items and you add a nested collection with 5 items, in reality, you have 500 items on that single page. 100 x 5 = 500 total items.

For now, we have it limited to 1 nested collection while we collect feedback from our users and perform some additional research into what nested collections are used for and how often they are being added.

And while we are keeping it to 1 per page now, we have a limit of 20 collections per page with 100 items per collection, if you add them up that is 2,000 items on a single page. When you start adding in nested collections you will then increase that multiplier higher. Therefore, we are making sure that the page’s stability is functioning as expected for that is what’s most important to our users at this time.

If you have any additional feedback on this subject, please refer to this feed: Feedback: Nest collection lists to display any referenced content as we are tracking feedback from our community there.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Thanks for the reply Brandon. Are the same amount of resources used when conditional visibility is added? I sometimes use CMS list’s where I limit the CMS items to one, then nest a multi reference field. Perhaps there could be exceptions for smaller lists that don’t use all 100 items.


This is something we are looking into for a future update. This is where I would recommend adding to the feed thread I sent prior. Gaby is out PMM that oversees the data collection.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

So why has this affected multi-ref? This was not a good update and is causing issues on a client build with a tight deadline.


I’d recommend starting a new thread with some more information about the issue you’re having with an included read-only link. This will allow things to stay on topic since this thread has already been marked solved. A new (unsolved) thread will more likely attract the attention of another community member (or someone from Webflow) who will look into the specific issue further.