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Limiting items on Collection List, But Showing All Items in the Lightbox

Dear Webflowers,

I got a question about the Limit function on a Collection List in combination with Lightboxes. For a client, I made a custom picture gallery for each product they sell in the Webflow eCommerce CMS. As you can see, this individual product has many pictures added to the custom gallery. For a better user experience, I limited the amount of items to 3. If you click on an individual picture on the product page, you will open up the gallery in a Lightbox View. However, I encounter one problem:

  • I can’t add a Limit to this Collection List while still show all items in the Lightbox Gallery. If I limit the Collection List to 3, it will only show 3 items in the Lightbox.

Is there any way to show just 3 items in the Collection List, yet have all pictures show up in the Lightbox Gallery? Much thanks in advance.

The actual page is as following:

The share link:

Kind regards,

Boaz Tepper
Learning webdesigner

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I would like to know too!