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Link CMS Podcast List to new CMS page of specific shows. Link CMS Category link to just the category of that CMS item on new page


Within my home page I have a section of my blog site which has a cms collection of my podcasts. There are three different podcast show names. When I click on a show name I would like it to link to a new page that populates a list of only the podcasts of that specific show. I am not sure how to do this using CMS or ID’s. I would greatly appreciate a link to a tutorial or specific guidance! Thank you! My read only link is below.

Here is my public share link:

It’s hard to help without knowing how you modeled your collections, but here is the video of how to filter collection lists:

Thanks @JudoHacker! The field in my posts cms collection list was not a reference list. Now it is and it works! Thanks for sharing the resource!


Matt Kreiser